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There are a million and one reasons to rent a charter bus when you're attending a large event in our area, but there's only one reliable charter bus company that you should rely on for that rental, and that is Charter Bus Washington. We actually have an incredible fleet of vehicles ranging from party buses to limousines, from charter buses to SUVs! This means that Charter Bus Washington can serve virtually any type of event that you can dream up. But if you've found your way to this page, it's because you need a luxury coach, and boy have we got some outstanding ones for you to view!

Did you take a look at some of that photography above? Those are the finest buses imaginable, just loaded with exciting features and comfortable seating to make even your longest trips truly cozy. And just look at the mind blowing technology that goes into these buses, from the safety features to the entertainment perks! It's all there to ensure your good time on the road, and we just cannot wait for you to take a tour of these charter buses yourself so you can see just what they're made of!

There are a range of buses to choose from as well, ranging from smaller 36-passenger buses to the largest 60-passenger buses! There's no reason that even your largest groups can't be comfortable and travel together when you've got a charter bus like this at your fingertips.The seating is so comfortable, and there are often private lounge areas in case you want to break away from the rest of the group to have a meeting or just a private chat. There are entertainment features on every bus too, so you can watch a movie as a group or listen to some great tunes on the way, or even watch corporate presentations and get some work out of the way as you travel.

We're so proud of our professional chauffeurs. These are the best drivers in the state who have passed not only the standard drug tests but also deeply detailed background checks. They're fully licensed and insured for your protection, and they know their way around our metro area better than anyone you've ever met. All the safest routes, all the shortcuts, all of that! They're utter pros at what they do and you're in good hands when you're on the road with them.

If a charter bus sounds like the right fit for your upcoming event, whether personal or business, we hope you'll give Charter Bus Washington a call at 202-600-2606. We've got a fantastic staff on call 24 hours a day, ready to speak to you and finalize your budget and your itinerary to your specifications. We're affordable, reliable, and best of all, impressive! We welcome you to come down to Charter Bus Washington to take a tour of our charter bus vehicles, or just phone it in and let our pros take the guesswork out of everything for you! We're here to take your call right now.

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