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We'd love to tell you about our Washington limousine fleet and the luxurious features that make our limos some of the most sought after in the Washington area. When people need to rent transportation for their big events, they always call us first because we deliver such high quality perks, from high tech video and audio equipment to enjoy during your ride, to the most premium quality seating and decor. Let's go ahead and talk about those details so you know just what kind of features you'll be enjoying when you rent a bus from us.

We always put your comfort first. Our buses are known for their incredible leather seating that wraps around the interior walls so you can easily converse with your party guests. Beneath your feet you'll find premium wood flooring which you'll especially enjoy when the music inspires you to dance. You'll love our built-in bars with coolers, and the built-in cup holders prevent spills on the road.

Of course you'll also love the fact that our gorgeous fiber optic lighting casts a warm glow over your surroundings, and the diamond plate mirror panel reflects even more light and makes the space feel even bigger than it is. We also feature dark tinted windows for your privacy needs. You've got everything you need for the ultimate party on the road.

When it comes to your entertainment needs, we've got lots of features that you'll really enjoy. Our flat screen televisions provide for all your visual needs, complete with an HD antenna to pull in those live HD broadcasts from network television while the bus is parked, and a DVD player to watch while you're rolling down the freeway in style. Our vehicles have the finest sound systems and the best bass, and of course you'll be able to listen to your iPod and CDs too.

Each Washington limo has its own special suite of features that are well suited to your needs, and when you call or email to book your party bus, we'll be able to decide which bus is best for you. Some of our buses have even more luxurious features than those listed on this page, and each of course accommodates a different number of passengers, usually in the 15 to 25 passenger range. On the next page we'll talk a bit about pricing and rates and give you a glimpse of the types of events that we love transporting our guests to.

These are the vehicles in our fleet in the DC/Washington area. If you need vehicles from other areas we recommend visiting New Orleans Limousine or Dallas Limo Service. If we don't have what you want or we are booked up try out our competitor DC Limo Bus.

34 Passenger Party Bus

30 Passenger Party Bus

25 Passenger Party Bus

15 Passenger Party Bus

8-10 Passenger Limousines

Sedans and SUVs

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